Celia Ramsay

Vocalist, Dance Caller, Songwriter, Teacher


You dance with a partner in a set of other couples; each dance and all its figures are taught, and then verbally prompted - or "called" - to live music. It is easy for beginners, and satisfying for experienced dancers. IT IS SO MUCH FUN! (Scroll down for a video.)

Celia Ramsay has been calling Contra dances since 2002, but has been telling people what to do for much, much longer. Celia chooses dances that fit the people in the room, uses clarity and brevity in teaching, and has a warm personality that makes the dancers happy.

DO YOU WANT TO HOST A DANCE? Book me to call a Contra Dance for you; I'll find the right band, and make recommendations on sound and location needs.  If you are considering a dance for your special event, please talk to me first, because I have valuable experience about how to make your dance a success; if I'm unavailable I have other callers to recommend.