Celia Ramsay

Vocalist, Dance Caller, Songwriter, Teacher


Celia Ramsay and Libby McLaren teach for all levels of vocal experience. Email Celia for more information. NEXT WORKSHOPS:

  • SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2 - 4:00PM AT HOOT!CAMP (more info soon!)

"Wow! You made it so clear and easy to do what I thought I couldn't do! I'm so excited!"
- Intro to Harmony student

“You two are each warm, gentle, and knowledgeable teachers, and your synergy more than doubles your individual efficacy. It’s a class and a show wrapped in one!”

—Joshua of Intro to Harmony

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This page has PDFs of lead sheets and lyrics to the songs Libby McLaren and Celia Ramsay used to demonstrate harmony singing on the Carmony album. They really recommend you learn these songs from the album by ear FIRST! Songs learned by ear are more easily retained, and your ability to sing harmony will improve faster.

You don't have your copy of Carmony, yet?


CARMONY: LEARN TO SING HARMONY IN YOUR CAR is a three-CD set of lessons that teach you how to sing harmony. The set costs $45 (plus $3 for shipping.) Level One features simple rounds and songs, separating the voices so you can learn both parts. Level Two builds on this with more complicated songs. Level Three gives you the guidance you need to create your own harmonies and includes some very simple aspects of theory.

BEGINNING, INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED WORKSHOPS follow the process in the Carmony CDs, are for 6 - 12 singers, and are a lot of fun. Check here for the next scheduled workshops. If you want more information, email Celia.

THE WORKSHOPS CAN TRAVEL TO YOU! Libby McLaren and Celia Ramsay will bring their workshops to you. If you have a group of 8 - 12 like-minded folks who want to learn to sing harmony, and have a living room or public hall where we can all meet, we'll be happy to drive anywhere within 2.5 hours of Berkeley. Email Celia for details.

Celia also conducts week-long workshops in basics of singing and harmony at music camps, or repertoire classes in Scottish Folk Music. Email for details