Celia Ramsay

Vocalist, Dance Caller, Songwriter, Teacher

Singing My Heart Out!

I'm a bit behind schedule in getting my newsletter out for September, but that's because I've been busy singing my heart out! My August 14 variety show at the Freight & Salvage was really fun, and all the other performers did a fine, fine job. I was very proud of the show, and many thanks to Amy Luper, who took all these wonderful photos so you can see a bit of what you missed if you weren't able to be there. (I promise, I'll get all wordy again in my October newsletter.)

But not only was the Celia Ramsay & Friends show a blast, Libby McLaren's and my workshop at the Freight & Salvage on September 8, 2019 was SO MUCH FUN! Almost fifty people were in attendance at Harmony Singing: Training Wheels Edition - so many that we taught the workshop in the big listening room. Everyone seemed to enjoy what we did - which was to sing five different songs in two hours, and everyone sang harmony! It's no secret that we hope we can do it again sometime, so stay tuned for updates on whether there will be more workshops at the Freight in the offing!


Meanwhile, another harmony singing workshop via HOOT! Camp is in the works for November 16, and more will be revealed as we get closer to the date!