Celia Ramsay

Vocalist, Dance Caller, Songwriter, Teacher

Expect the Unexpected!

You just never know what will happen! This past month I was asked to call a one-hour contra dance for Ritual Coffee Roasters' eleventh birthday, and Richard Mandel with his guitar, Corwin Zekley with fiddle in hand, and I, gamely did our thing for a big barista birthday bash. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was fun, and wandering around Folsom Street in SF at night is quite a scene, with loads of people headed for all the various clubs. At the event, Richard, Corwin and I were competing with a mechanical bull in the spacious and FULL Folsom Street Foundry event venue. 

It was fun watching folks do the Virginia Reel while juggling their cocktails! Allemand right? Drink goes to the left hand. Allemand left, switch drink to right hand. Two hand turn? Um . . . well, more cooperation required with dance partner!

I'M A PROUD SISTER: My brother, who is a classical music composeras well as a professional photographer (with a day-job at MIT), has been commissioned to write an organ work for the Montrèal Organ Festival. Organ jokes aside, this is a very big deal, as they sought him out and have asked him to write the opening work for a recital by Christian Lane at the Maison Symphonique to premiere July 5, 2017. Kent and I are planning to attend; must make a note to self to brush up on my poor-ish French skills!

LOVELY HOUSE CONCERT: Small but mighty was our audience for Fortunate Strangers' house concert, but of course we were in competition with Memorial Day vacations and Warriors' game #6, so we were pleased with the turnout. We had a good time; there was both laughter and tears at songs we performed, we all enjoyed our guest performer, Holly Sternberg on fiddle, and our audience sang along with us on several songs. Our next concert will be in September in Auburn - part of the Auburn House Concerts series hosted by Sharon and Jaya Carl.

NO BAD TRACKS: My pal, Steve Baughman just released a new album entitled O'er Quiet Lands Suspended. It is solo clawhammer banjo(s) with some vocals, and not only are the songs & tunes captivating, the different banjo voices that Steve presents are rich and varied, and sometimes you can't fathom what ethereal instrument you are listening to. Plus there's a reimagined version of the Cruel Sister Child ballad, that in my mind makes it worth owning the CD artifact; this album gets my "no bad tracks" rating! 

UPCOMING CONCERTS: August 14, Sunday: Dave Nachmanoff will be performing at the Freight & Salvage and I'm to be one of several guests. This will be a matineé - save the date and watch for more info in my next newsletter!

September 25, Sunday: Fortunate Strangers to perform at Auburn House Concerts; details soon!