Celia Ramsay

Vocalist, Dance Caller, Songwriter, Teacher

I Got Ahead of Myself!


Sorry! I know exactly how I did that. Several folks told me they get inundated with newsletters and email at the beginning/end of each month, so I thought I'd be ultra-cool and send mine the third or fourth Saturday of each month. But the trouble is, it looks weird to send out a newsletter titled "August Newsletter" when it's still July. I mean, it might be useful information FOR the month of August, but it was written and sent in July! So this is officially July 2016's Second 2016 newsletter, and this little hiccup should straighten things out. Henceforth the newsletter title will reflect the month in which it's written! 


Libby and I are scripting the third level of Carmony: Learn to Sing Harmony While You Drive, the icing on the two-layer cake. Level One takes you through basic explanations and the opportunity to sing two simple rounds and three songs, so you can practice alone . . . only you'd actually be singing with Libby and me. Level Two is similar, but utilizes one round and two songs that are slightly more challenging. Level Three will be more descriptive and will demonstrate ideas on how to find your own harmonies, rather than following ours. I'm thinking that we might have it all finished in the fall. 


I'll be teaching my week-long class called "Get Your Voice Out Of The Closet" at Lark Camp. I'll be in Camp One at 4:30 at the north end of the Dance Hall. As you know, I'm very much looking forward to Lark Camp and if you are amongst the lucky ones who plan to be there, I'm hoping to lure you into a Carmony preview.  I duplicated copies of the Level One lessons to bring with me. Now these are not the final deal--truly

this is preview material, as it only is Level One and it hasn't been fully mixed or mastered, so they'll be a little funky compared with the polished gem Libby and I expect to be able to present in the finished version. But several people have asked for copies ASAP, so I had these made up as an exclusive Lark special preview. If you buy this one for $10, I'll credit that $10 toward the purchase of the finished two-CD set when we have it available, but meanwhile, you'll have something to work with for the remainder of the summer! This is a special Lark Camp deal, only. The rest of you will want to wait for the real deal!