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Reserve Seats for Fortunate Strangers in Berkeley!

Joe, Kathy and I are gearing up for our second concert, this time at my digs in North Berkeley on Saturday, May 28 and as I write this, we've only got fifteen seats left, so it's time to reserve yours! You can do that by emailing me or calling 510­-995-­6615 (be sure to leave me a voicemail if I don't pick up!) Fortunate Strangers is an unpretentious, delightful little band, and we offer a program of Scottish and Irish traditional folk songs and instrumentals. Kathy plays guitar, Joe sings, plays whistles and flutes, and I sing and play bodhran and I'll bring out the shruti box. (You'll have to come hear us to find out what that is!) This show will start at 8:00pm, doors open at 7:30pm and the suggested donation is $20. Since it will be a Saturday night, you can make a lovely evening of it with all the nearby restaurants, here in Gourmet Ghetto. 


Things are perking along (they sure ain't parking) and I'm beginning to turn my thoughts to cover design. Libby and I have some ideas about the cover photo and it might involve one of these steering wheels (there are three stacked on this chair, waiting for an audition!) But exactly how we'll do that is still on the drawing board. Creative thoughts are tumbling at a mile a minute, including one we got from our wonderful engineer, Derek Bianchi, who suggested we come up with a "bumper". That's a film term that's not about cars, but is sort of a car-metaphor for the intro and "outro" jingles that precede and end your favorite TV sitcom. So, we wrote and have recorded our own audio bumper, and if you go to this link, you can hear it

We've almost finished our Level Two lessons, and LOVE how it's turning out. I really think you'll find the CD helpful, and we think all three levels, comprised in a two-CD set, will be ready in the fall sometime. I'll probably bring some Level One CDs with me to Lark Camp to sell to any students in my "Get Your Voice Out of the Closet" workshop. Uh . . . you are coming to Lark Camp, aren't you?