Celia Ramsay

Vocalist, Dance Caller, Songwriter, Teacher

Working on Carmony Cover Art

We're in the home stretch for our production of Carmony: Learn to Sing Harmony While You Drive, and all our energy is directed at completing a package with three CDs in it. Back in 2014, I'd written about producing the Singer's Request CD, and the various steps for recording in the studio. For Carmony, those are done and the next step is often shorter, but no less convoluted. Libby McLaren and I just finished up a photo shoot and we've been collecting little images along the way to use on the cover for the album. One real boon was realizing that my across-the-street neighbor, David Feinberg, has a really cool little Alfa Romeo, and he was willing to let us pose for our cover photo in it! I don't think I'd ever want to own one, but that little car makes us look pretty darn good - we think you'll agree when you see it. As we tried different poses for the camera, we had to contort ourselves a bit. I do a fair bit of yoga, but I've never practiced the "tiny car pose" before!

We've sent the text for editing to my pal, Dana Dubinsky, and all the necessary art to my favorite graphic designer, Kim Hughes. Also along the way, we needed to copyright our work, so we sent a copy of our materials to the Library of Congress. Some days I feel like I'm playing at being an adult, and sending mail to the LOC feels exceptionally grown up and official. And here's something funny: I hadn't gotten confirmation that the materials had been received, so I sent an email query. I got this reply: "Please allow 8 - 10 weeks to verify receipt of mailed items; we receive over 10K pieces of mail on a daily basis. -cfk, LOC. " So I replied, "Dear cfk: You mean I'm not a special snowflake? Thanks for your help, and I'll be more patient. -Celia" To which I got the reply, "You're very welcome and thanks for your patience. And of course, you're always our special snowflake!"


I just got word that my class was popular enough that I'll be teaching Get Your Voice Out of the Closet again. This time we'll be in the back room of the Dance Hall (fewer mosquitoes) at Lark Camp from July 28 - August 5, 2017. Just in case you're ready to commit to a whole week of music and dance delight, registration is open!


 September and October were pure fun for gigs. On September 25, Fortunate Strangers got to perform at Sharon and Jaya Carl's Auburn House Concert series, where we had a lovely audience and a really good time, including some audience sing-along. If you live in the Auburn area, you'll want to get on their mailing list. (Archie Fisher is going to be there in November!) 

The following Saturday, I got to join the song circle leaders at the KVMR Celtic Festival, and we had many folks join us to share songs. This song circle is a lovely idea and I've never seen another festival host a public one, before. Later that night, I called a dance in Nevada City that was a huge blast with the band Hot Cider, and the next morning, my roadie Kent, and I drove to Reno to join Fortunate Strangers at the Reno Celtic Festival. We were treated to a great sound guy and we finished performing just as the wind kicked up to blow in a storm over the Sierras. 

Fortunate Strangers is finding its legs; we are developing our own, unique sound, and I love working with Kathy and Joe Bly!