Celia Ramsay

Vocalist, Songwriter, Dance Caller, Teacher

May the New Year Fill All Our Hearts With Music!

Snippets of things are flashing through my mind, but first I want to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Snippet #1: I figured out how to connect my electronic keyboard to my computer so I can write music faster as midi files! Yes folks, I just play it, and it flows through the wires of my stage piano to my computer and into a software program and onto the paper. Endless possibilities for this old dog and her new tricks! See - I wrote a dance tune! 

Snippet #2: In my October newsletter, I mentioned that Libby McLaren and I plan to create a CD that teaches harmony-singing. Dance caller pal, Ric Goldman wondered if it should be called "Carmony". Or he countered his own suggestion with "Auto-tune"?

Snippet #3: Libby and I have been shepherding that very CD through the production planning stage, and we're going to start recording in January 2016. Obviously, it'll take a little while to get it finished, but watch this space for progress reports! I'm excited about it!

Snippet #4: I got a testimonial from a voice student! Here's what was said:

"Celia, I had a wonderful comment yesterday that I was able to 'hold my own' & seemed more confident. I felt it too & absolutely loved hearing it & attribute the improvement to our working together. Thank you so much!" 


Folks are already reserving seats to hear Alan Reid and Rob Van Sante at my house - the perfect way to fight the El Niño damp that will be entering your bones, come the end of January! Alan and Rob present a lively show rooted largely in the music of Scotland; its rich and varied history and landscape provides much of the inspiration for their material. The duo combines their musical talents to offer seamless harmonies supported by sensitive arrangements on piano, guitars and accordion. I attended Alan's classes at Swannanoa and was very taken with his music and humor; I am sure you will be, too! Email me to reserve your seats for Saturday, February 6 at 8:00pm in North Berkeley. I'll send you directions once you reserve - and as you know, you must reserve a seat because they are limited!


For many years, it was a dream of mine to perform there, and I have done several times. But now I've gone a step further and I'm proud to be a recent addition to the board of directors for the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley. The Freight is still adjusting to its relatively new location across from Berkeley Rep, but that block has become dynamic as a performing arts district, with the Aurora Theater and Berkeley Jazz School also on the same block of upper Addison Street. I know many people miss the older, funkier venue of yore on lower Addison, but the newer location is full of possibility and its board is completely dedicated to the local music community. This is not my first time on a non-profit board (I've been on four others!), but it's one of the best group of directors I've had the pleasure of working with.