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Just Back From France!

Couple of clowns in Toulouse

School is back in session, but summer wasn't quite over for us. My husband, Kent, and I just got back from a group tour of the Périgord region of France,much of it near the Dordogne River. We got to see caves with prehistoric drawings and engravings, visited where Roquefort cheese is made, wandered

St. Cirq-La Popie

cobblestone streets of medieval cities, and ate ourselves silly on "all things duck". Aside from the ubiquitous pipe organs that were being practiced on in every church and cathedral we went to, there was very little music on this trip. But there was a lot of food!

 The thing that stands out most in my mind was the light. As the days shorten, the angle of light is lower and the countryside - which was already beautiful - was sort of distilled into an even finer thing. Plus, we rain-starved Californians got to buy umbrellas for a few days of "soft weather". If you've a yen to go to the Perigord, I'd be happy to tell you what sights we took in. It was a delightful trip!


Well, this year sure is speeding by - October is imminent! That means the KVMR Celtic Festival at the Nevada County Fairgrounds is coming up! I'll be joining several other vocalists to lead a singing circle on October 3rd and 4th, and the concert line-up is fabulous. But not only that, I'll be calling the Nevada City Contra Dance on the evening of October 3rd, and I'm hoping that you'll come to that as well. I'll be camping back at the fairgrounds, so maybe I'll see some friendly faces . . . like YOURS! 

Last month's newsletter was released on the very day that I had a performance, so there hasn't been an opportunity to tell you how much fun I had singing at my house with Ken Risling. Mostly, we performed original music; Ken did the lion's share by accompanying me when I needed his guitar support, and it was a treat for me to provide harmony for his fine songs. We had a lovely audience, intimate enough that we were able to answer questions on how and why some songs were written. We are hoping to do it again after the first of the year, so I'll let you know when that is on the calendar.


Where those names went...all directions!

Something happened. It may have been my fault, but I'm not about to admit it! What happened was some of you got dropped off my mailing list and have missed about four newsletters. I did finally figure it out, as well as how to bring you back from the black hole of lonely-for-Celia-ness; I promise not to send you the older newsletters (that is, unless you ask me to, of course!) but all is well, once again, in the world of Stay Tuned!