Celia Ramsay

Vocalist, Songwriter, Dance Caller, Teacher

Some New Things!

A NEW BOOK - I haven't had time to read it yet, but I just got a copy of Landmarks by Robert MacFarlane, about the language of landscapes. The first chapter is called The Word-Hoard, and Mr. MacFarlane describes his book as "...a word-hoard of the astonishing lexis for landscape that exists in the comprision of islands, rivers, strands, fells, lochs, cities, towns, corries, hedgerows, fields, and edgelands uneasily known as the British Isles." (I LOVE THE WORD "comprision"!) I know I will love this man's fondness for precision in prose. Economy of words is something I don't tend to embrace, as many of you know (just ask my patient husband!) But that does not mean I don't recognize it or admire it. I adore it.

Suzanne holds Dana's newly minted lyrics in Danny Carnahan's class at Lark CampI read a review of the book and immediately knew I wanted to add it to my own hoard - of books. Because . . . hello - it's a BOOK! But I also wanted it as a resource for songwriting. At the onset of summer, I start thinking ahead to Danny Carnahan's songwriting class at Lark Music Camp in Mendocino; I review various jottings and song fragments that have been collecting over the year, knowing that I'll have homework to do for the class, and if I'm clever and plan ahead, I'll have some ideas to work with. I've considered trying to write some songs that sound like they could be traditional, and one thing that often makes that click is the use of place names and landscape. So you can see why I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK, can't you? Because if you can't . . . I'll have to start talking about my yarn stash!

A NEW CD? - Speaking of songwriting, I have a few newish ones that are almost ready to let out into the sun. As a result, I feel another recording project coming on. More on that, soon. Let's just say, if it actually materializes, it will be quite different than my previous three albums.

photo by Niall DavidA NEW CONCERT - And speaking of projects, I'm in rehearsal for ahouse concert with my songwriting buddy, Ken Risling. That will be at my place at 8:00pm on Saturday, August 22, and if you're

keen to plan ahead, you can reserve a seat anytime by emailing me at celiaramsay@gmail.com. At this duo concert, I'll deviate slightly from my traditional roots and sing some songs I've written from the I'll Just Lie About It album, including my notorious "Lament" and one new song. Ken will be performing his own songs - and he is a fine songwriter. You'll really enjoy him. He'll be singing a song that has my name on it! That's right! It's quite funny; he explained that if he writes a song that uses a person's name, he's careful to avoid using names of people he knows. But he didn't know me when he wrote the song, which is sweetly sad, and rhymes "Celia" with "steal ya".